Who We Partner With

Our partners are independent business owners who are high achievers in their field. They are part of our trusted business network and they work with us to provide quality services and solutions to our customers. 

André Baken

Real-Time Change (www.realtimechange.es)

Founder and CEO of Real-Time Change - a Dutch based company - and creator of the RTC Change Management model. André has over 30 years in the field of change management, and has worked with major corporations in the oil & gas and pharmaceuticals industries. He is also a Professor of Change Management at the University of Barcelona.

Dan Newby

School of Emotions (www.Dannewby.me)

Founder and CEO of the School of Emotions. Dan held the role of CEO at the Newfield Network before launching his own organization. Dan and his wife Lucy are masters in the teaching of emotional literacy. They are coaches, coach trainers, and facilitators.